June 14, 2013

He Now Calls My Name

Just an hour ago, I was with someone I thought would treat me as a stranger. I predicted that he will just observe me as well as my moves. I see him smiles and sometimes we got eye to eye contact. Afraid for him to notice me looking, I round my sight each time.

For the whole three hours since they arrive, I didn't have the chance to talk to him, even to offer him a drink. My concern is he might reject me and be embarrassed at the end. Until he was about to take his by his dad, and I was on the way, he formed a post supposedly to punch me, but changed it with a smile again. I took it as a pure joke from him and I use that moment to be my opening. After several minutes have passed, he called my name. "Kaye, assist me please...” I was shocked to know that he knows my name and the fact that he takes the initiative for us to talk. I'm flattered, especially when he asked me to stay by side for a moment and offered my his snacks. Remembering our first encounter, I know he I was jealous with me but now, I think I can be a friend to him. My Carlo's little boy finally calls me by my name.

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