June 28, 2013

Love to be Loved

Whenever I think of him, I can’t help but to smile. It might be the result of having this strange feeling towards him. Admiration, thankfulness, good motivator, a helping-hand and a loving person- this is him to me.

Each time I remember every single thing he changed in me through better, gives me the feeling that I was so blessed that I met him. I'm secured when I'm with him. I just really liked what I'm feeling. This feels so right, yet so wrong. The man whom I used to be my mentor was owned by another person already. I have been falling for a committed man. He feels the same way for me too. We both know that having an attachment would lead us into crucial situation but my heart is so weak to let him go. We continued our affair and his wife knew it eventually. I was the reason why they put an end to their marriage. I don't know what to feel the time I heard the news. Should I be sorry or should I be celebrating for his freedom?. The weight and responsibility of bringing home the bacon is now my duty. We are still together and striving hard to pass through every challenge we meet our way. The love that binds us as one will be our key to have the stable life we always dream on.

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