June 30, 2013

How Many Days Are Summer?

Calendars form part and parcel of our home decors. Even houses with expensive wall paneling and wall papers sports a simple calendar or an exquisite one on the wall. Calendar are also part and parcel of our children’s school education’s curriculum alongside time and money. One of the things that got more views in one day is the calendar; on walls and on desktops, bookcases and even mantel tops. Calendars are consulted even by the high and mighty kings and leaders.

The start of the school year during parents’ meetings school calendar of activities are already discussed to ready parents for the children’s programs of activities. All through-out the school year part by part school calendars are being posted in home-school communication’s notes, sheets or journals whatever your kid’s school uses. This is how I know Giou’s school activities because every day he’s just loaded into the school bus for school. Home by the end of the day what he has in his clutch is his communications notes. Pasted on the pages are school notices and announcements. I am very thankful for this tool because Giou has no way of remembering communications for him to relay. Giou, my angel has mild Attention Disorder. His heart would go Chug, Chug whenever an older person especially one he perceived as an authority talks to him. School Calendar of activities are ticked by my angel on his very own, very huge calendar prominently displayed near the refrigerator so I will see it every time I open the refrigerator and that’s too many times a day. Now that summer vacation are near, hismade to order special summer calendar is being readied. And the perennial question that he started to ask when he was able to tell dates and days “How many days are summer?” once again rings every time he is reminded summer is near.

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