August 16, 2013

A Two and Half hour Reunion with my Friends

I was not allowed to go somewhere else by Carlo, my business partner in the computer shop we were running together, unless I’ll be dealing with matters accordance to the shop. That’s how strict he is.

I found a way to get out of our crib and go to the mall to meet my then boss. I was informed the night before the meeting that she would not be available the next day so she cancelled our appointment. But I still went to the mall and meet others anyways. I used my two and half our in the mall, chatting with what’s going on with our own lives. Bea, who has an adorable kid already and Diane, presently pregnant teases me to jump on to plan for my own family too. I just gave them a smile in return, knowing my marriage life has yet started but not blessed by the sacred Holy Spirit. I live with my business partner like my husband. And to prevent him knowing what my purpose of enjoying myself for a while, I made an alibi that I waited for my boss but she never came. Instead of going back home with nothing, I bought him a piece of stuff that he needs in the computer shop. My two and half hours reunion with my friends is still kept as a secret. Looking forward to meet the again in a much longer time and sneaking no more.

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