April 13, 2013

A Devastated Crime Story 15 Years Ago

I was assigned to do a research paper by a customer, giving the name of Kip Kinkel as my main subject. As I was starting to browse different sites about him, I was shocked to know about the story behind Kinkel’s story.

He has a criminal record of murdering his own parents at the young age of 15.He was interested to different fire-arm as well as explosives at his early age. As I remember, his reason for killing his parents is to put them out of embarrassment due to the suspension he got after handling guns inside their university premises. Reading those facts makes my eye quite teary. Not contented, he drive straight to the university after the killing incident at Kinkel’s residence. He fired several time in the school cafeteria and killed in scene two other students. Though this incident happened 15 years ago, people who involved here will remain the bitter story of Kinkel murder. He was sentenced to be in jail for 111 years. I bet he would not complete the total years of punishment, for he won’t lie that long.

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