April 8, 2013

Sharing A Pair of Earrings

I am not a material woman who seeks expensive jewelries from my partner. I am not even fond of wearing them. I just recall the story of the lovers who shared a pair of earrings instead of having a ring in their fingers.

Paulo and Carryn are the people to this story. Neither of them belongs to a wealthy family. Unlike the rich guys who send flowers and different gifts for their girls, Paulo adds more a little each day his love and devotion for Carryn. It’s a good match that Carryn never asks for anything from Paulo but to be together all the time. Funny it may seem, how this lady though of an idea to share her earrings with the lad and make it as their partner symbol. Not bad, what they were earning for is not for some expensive gifts for each other but the guaranteed future they will face in next few years. I just admire their sweetness. Nothing beats an understanding and open communication relationship.

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