April 21, 2013

Saving a Little Time to Lessen my Sins

I don’t know how many Sunday masses I have not attended so far. I even can’t remember when was the last time I talked to God, praise Him, thank Him and most especially, have his forgiveness for all the sins I committed. I did not become an anti-Christ; I'm still asking myself why.

As a Roman Catholic member, I put my Lord at the center before my family. My trust for Him never fails, but I admit that sometimes, I question Him for the things happened unfavorably for me. I am unfair. At that point it just shows that I care only for myself. I know God's heart is forgiving and he understands the reasons why my devotion for him is not fully given. I don't think He knows how to have grudge. I won’t promise, but start to change thing the way it should be. I will learn to divide my time in worthwhile things and mostly, offer myself and a prayer for Him even just for a while. Loving God leads everybody to love one another.

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