July 14, 2013

Getting Out at the Wrong Floor

A couple of months ago I got this new job at a big building. My office is at the ninth floor. So one day like always, I got on the building elevator. I notice there is a LCD screen inside the elevator that displays an interesting topic on technology. So I watched the short movie without notice that the elevator is going up. A couple of seconds later, there are two people going inside the elevator and I distracted for a while and notice that the elevator is still at the third floor, so I continue to watch the interesting movie.

After the movie ended, the elevator door was opened. I got out automatically and the elevator door closed up behind me. Then, I realize that I got the wrong floor. I got out at the eleventh floor. I smile to myself and shake my head. I push the down button at the elevator and wait for the next elevator to came up and pick me up.

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