July 7, 2013

The Day I Got My Doll Prize from Time Zones

A decade ago, there is new entertainment zones called Time Zones opened in my city. The first week at the zones is really crowded. But of course, I decide to try out the new entertainment store. My brother and sister are already there trying out new game. The store itself is really wide and has about more than 20 games. Most of them are video games. I don’t like playing video games, so I decided to play something else instead. I notice the ball wheel game at the corner of the store. All you got to do is throw a ball through a six meters board. At the end of the board there are numbers with a hole below like one, two, three, five, plus one, minus one, etc that will make wheel spinning at the exact amount the ball got to one of the holes.

If I got the monkey to get at the top of the wheel three times in a row, than I hit the jackpot and can have a lot of coupons that can be substitute with a gift. I don’t have any experience before, but maybe Lady Luck stayed at my side, because of all the 20 times I tried, I got 15 of them hit the jackpot. And at the end I got myself an expensive doll to bring home. I became a spectacle because so many audiences watched me play. But the same thing didn’t happen the next day, so I guess it is a once in a lifetime experience thing.

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