July 24, 2013

The Colors of Dusk

Has anyone ever wondered why birds make all the noises in the afternoon just before sunset? I was always observing this behavior from the birds that flock around my neighborhood and I was really fascinated with all the sounds they make. One thing I always wondered was the way they make more noises at dusk. They flock in clusters and sing to each other. But as I observed their merriment, I was also quite fascinated with the color of the dusk that was quickly passing by.

Like an epiphany, it struck me. I think these birds were rejoicing at the fading colors of the day and the quick change of the skies from light to dark. It might also be their way of praising the beautiful scenery. I think they understand and appreciate the beauty of nature better than people do. I was just so happy at this thought of seemingly understanding a bird’s eye view.

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