July 21, 2013

Having Lunch with My Mother Like Gilmore Girls

One sunny day, when I went to my hometown, I decided to take lunch outside. I take my mother with me to enjoy a new cuisine at the new restaurant in the city. The distance to the restaurant is not that far, so we walked there. After queuing for a while, the waitress got me and my mother a seat at the front, facing the street with a glass wall between us.

I ordered a chicken salad and my mother order a hamburger. We catch up on each other’s activity. I talk about my work and my mother talk about the family. And then, there is a familiar feeling like I have seen this kind of scene before. Mother and daughter having lunch at a local restaurant, then I smiled. I watch all the season of Gilmore Girls. I like the relationship between Rory and her mother. I have the same close relationship to with my mother. And I am glad that I have one more experience to treasure within my heart.

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