September 13, 2016

Valuable Electric Guitar Collection

I have a rather unique collection. Instead of collecting stamps or coins, I love to collect electric guitars. This all started back in 8th grade when I saw a great looking electric guitar in the hands of my uncle. He played it well and I was really impressed with his skills. He told me that aside from his guitar playing ability, the high quality instrument allowed him to play beautifully, and since then I have been mesmerized with electric guitars.

As of the moment I have collected a total of five guitars. After several weeks I will add one more to my collection. It is one of the best RME Audio that I saved up for. The owners of those guitars are very happy with their purchase so I would like to have one too. It would be a great addition because of its nice looks and perfect tune. Not only will I play better with it, I can also display and show it off to my colleagues.

1 comment:

  1. Now this is really a unique collection, we all love music but having your own electrical guitar collection is something interesting. Thanks for sharing it with us