January 28, 2013

Coffee Saves my Day

"I love you coffee!!" I whispered to a sachet of coffee when finally I got my hubby's attention and make things up. I, being a childish individual often commits mistake. I know to myself that being characterized as sensitive will lead me nowhere. I must slowly take it away from my system, as well as having a pride.

We had an argument and I did not accept the fact that I was the one in the wrong side. I cannot swallow my pride and he does not tolerate me to do so. He wants me to see what he sees in me so that I could adjust my attitude towards other. I resist taking his advice and I believed I had put an end to his patience. He keeps his distance away from me and ignores me for a while. I can utter the words I’m sorry, until we are really in good shape. I was about to surrender when I felt my tummy has to be filled with something. I prepared a cup of coffee for me. He smelled the aroma and slightly smiled at me. In a second, I wonder why, and then I realized, coffee comforts him. I then pretend that the coffee was meant for him. It was a day for me, and I am thanking coffee.

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