August 12, 2015

How To Tell Her That She’s Adopted

It is very difficult to tell your adopted child that you are not her real parent. You are scared about her reaction and you think that somehow things will be different. Do not worry because this is a common scenario many adoptive parents experience. According to experts, it is better if you introduce the subject of adoption as early as 3 years old when the child is undergoing cognitive development.

By doing this, your child will think adoption is a normal way of life, and she will accept it the moment you tell her the truth. It is normal for your kid to feel frightened, do not scold her or get angry if she decides to ask questions about her birth parents. Do not assume that she is not worried or thinking about her roots. The best way to deal with this is by answering her questions as best as you can and giving her the same love as before.

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