August 1, 2014

Secrets To Staying In Love

This February, my spouse and I are celebrating our 8th year anniversary. We’ve been together since college years, and I feel so proud of our relationship. If you are wondering how we managed to stay together for nearly a decade, let me give you several secrets. Firstly, I am going to admit that I am a jealous person. When we were in college, I would get angry whenever another person of the opposite gender talks to my spouse.

However, I realized that this is not helping our case, and my spouse would not do anything to hurt me, so I became less jealous. As for the arguments, when one of us is mad, the other just stays silent. It helps us diffuse what would be a ticking bomb early on. The lines of communication are also open between us. We talk about our feelings, things to improve our relationship, and even monetary matters. If there is one secret that we have, that is the secret to staying in love with each other, even after all those years.

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