August 30, 2014

Linens Say a Lot

My brother in law works in Hotel Xanadu in Manila. He works there the longest so he is like the right hand of its Chinese owner. As per job description, he is in-charge of cleaning the rooms as the guests come and go. He often jokes to us that he is good in bed because he knows bedmaking, a term used pertaining on how the beds should be fixed.

One time, there was a big event that was held there. The local government of Manila rented the biggest hall for their function. Eventhough it was not his area, he helped in the preparation. He did the prettiest ribbon linen design on the chairs that’s why their boss said that he should do all the ribbons. He was so tired but what was fulfilling is that the mayor of Manila praised the design what he did and the nice linens they’ve found them here.

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