October 15, 2014

The Longest Mile

Carrying a baby for nine months seems like a stretch but in reality, the first eight months just pass you by quickly. It’s the last month that seems endless. I’m on my 9th month (or 36th week) as of the moment and it just feels like an eternity! Days pass by so terribly slow and I just can’t wait for my water to break or for the labor to start so I can just get it all over with. I guess the nearer you get, the more anxious and excited you feel that every tick of the clock gets extremely frustrating.

My husband and I can barely contain our enthusiasm—we want to meet our little girl already but she just wouldn’t budge. Some mothers are lucky enough to have their bellies pop right after she hits her 9th month, but some (like me) have to wait longer. My OBGYN even said I could be carrying until the 10th month (oh, please no!) so she advised me to walk more and be more active so my tummy drops soon. I’m really hoping to give birth this month, I hope everything goes smoothly!

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